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We invite you to share in our mission of serving Christ in the elderly and vulnerable. 

You can do this by volunteering or by a monetary contribution. 


To make a donation toward a special need, check out our Wish List.

If you would like to help support our mission at St. Anne’s financially,

you may send a donation:

C/O: Sr. Rebecca Metzger

St. Anne’s Guest Home

524 N. 17th St.

Grand Forks, ND 58203

Or, you may Donate online. online.

Because we are a non-profit organization, your donations are eligible for a tax deduction. 

If you wish to have a receipt for this purpose, we can provide that. 

Also, if you wish to allocate your contribution for a certain purpose, please note that.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to St. Anne's in response to our annual letter. 

Memorials include:

Florence Griggs
Gaylene Platz
Florence Svoboda
Ivan Nelson
Adam Wald
Rod Fischer - uncle
Fr. Tom Krupich
Fred & Cecelia Adams
Max Allard & Kristen Vollmees
Sr. Michelle McGurren, OSB
grandmother Eileen Eggl &
husband's grandfather Dennis Novacek
Cecilia Feist
Ed Gillig
Arnold & Dorothy Anderson
Barbra Holweger
George Chaput
Frances & E Kobe
Clarion Lunski
James & Alyce Coleman
Carmen "Hawk" Jordan
Ana & Francis Reller
Judy Jacoby's plane acquaintance
John & Susan Szepelak
John Anderson
daily expenses
Ed Bushaw
Francis & Cecelia Schreiner
Ann Barta, Ann Draper, & aunt Lucille Votava
Frances Burckhard
Sr. Annella Miller
Carol Thompson
Alf Bergum
Marcella & Frank Helt
Monica Larivee
Thomas Kuchera, husband
Shirley LaBrecque
Mary Kay Marsh
Elizabeth Rolland
Adam Wald
Rod Fischer - uncle
Fr. Tom Krupich

Kim & Phillip Deraney
Robert Grabanski
Marcella & Frank Helt
Christopher Hjeldness
where needed most- Lucille Bluembke
Vonnie Narlock
Jacqueline & Raymond Andrys
Dennis Schjedahl
 Alf Bergum
Christopher Jacobs
Bernice Nice
Jerry Keller, husband
Dorthea, Philip, & Leona Peterson
Richard Kovar
Margaret Omdahl
Fred Dehn
my wife Maxine
Platz family
Florence Svoboda
Adam Wald & Children, deceased
Ann Weber, spend where your needs are greatest
Julia Goffney
in honor of our wonderful sisters of St. Anne's
William Fruhwirth
deceased family members
Wilmath F. Hastings
Otto & Rosina Hoffarth
William Fruhwirth
Leo & Magdelena Schneider
Bill Saumur
Mary McLauchlin
Don Metzger
Dom & Betty Palmiscino
John "Ernie" Copps and Alice & Eddie Irwin
Daniel Phelps
Christmas gifts for residents
in honor of David Christensen
Ivan Nelson
Lea Bruekner
Bill Roche
Rose Scheet
Bonnie Coss
Dorothy Holte, Kathleen Dyre
our family members in heaven
Slominski family
Thelma Martin (LPN)  resident
Paul Christenson
Msgr. Vetter
Stanley Svoboda
My parents: Joe & Stella Stanislawski,
Dickie, Joey, Eddie, Arnold, & Frances
Bonnie Coss
Lorraine Spicer
Don Herbeck
Lawrence Vonasek
John & Frances Zon
Don Herbeck, Marie Hughes, Roy Hughes
Cecelia Schreiner
Bennet Boushee
matching fundraiser
Reane Nushy & Tharry Siry
Dolly Carl
William & Beatrice Kovar
Duane Delisle
Jean Dempsey
family members
Waldon Jensen
Shirley LaBrecque
Hazel Whitfield
Bridget Spenst
Patrick Burns
Raymond Mozinski - Brother
Ed & Mary Bushaw
Ernik Stoltman & son Loel
family & friends / mem. Sr. Long John
Weiler, Holweger, and DeMotigny family
Dick Bonlie
Bernice Nice
Florence Griggs
Gaylene Platz
Florence Svoboda

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524 17th St. N.* Grand Forks, ND 58203 * (746) 746-9401  * [email protected]