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We invite you to share in our mission of serving Christ in the elderly and vulnerable by making a tax-deductible donation.


To make a contribution toward a special need, check out our Wish List.

Donations may also be sent to:

St. Anne’s Guest Home
524 N. 17th St.
Grand Forks, ND 58203

If you wish to have a receipt for tax purposes, we can provide that.  Also, if you wish to allocate your contribution for a certain purpose, please note that.  Send us an email to share your wishes.

We especially thank all those who have made a donation in response to our Advent/Christmas appeal.

Memorials include:

Virginia Volk Dominica Czapiewski Larry Evers
Adam Wald Don Herbeck Lillian Bolack
Albert Vasek Elisabeth Rolland Lucille Bushy
Alf Bergum Ernie Copps Margaret Omdahl
Vivian & Walter Dohman Eva Rivard Mary Lou Osowski
Anna Weber Florence Griggs Mary McLauchlin
Arlene Laughlin Francis & Cecelia Schreiner Ray Minette
Bernice Nice Francis Jacobs Max Allard
Bill Fruwirth Fred Bromseth Thelma Martin
Cecilia Teske Gerald Hamerlik my wife Maxine
Karen Anne Franzwa Henry and Alice Plats Family
Christopher Hjeldness Henry Lange Shirley
Daniel O’Shea Jim Kuefler Sr. Annella Miller
deceased family members Josie Swehla Sr. Carolyn Althoff
Jim Bushaw Bennet Boushee Paul & Natalie Lizakowski
William & Beatrice Kovar Duane Delisle Jerry Dufault
Jeanne Weber Romero Garcia Gaylene Platz
George Chaput  Robert Kobe & Miller family 
Bill Saumer  George & Betty Schroeder  Ursula Patterson 
Janet Hendry  Deceased Silletto family members  Patricia Burns 
Gaylene Platz John & Susan Szepelak Renae Bushy & Therry Bushy 
Aggie Cook Sr. Annella Arnold Anderson
Edward Gillig Wilmot Hastings Florian, Lorraine, & Debbie Kosmatka
John & Michael Joyce Dorthea, Phillip & Leona Peterson Paul Christenson
Harry & Hazel Whitfield Bridget Spenst Bill Roche 
Margarent Vanyo Beaton  Rose Hodny  Msgr. Vetter 
Lorraine Spicer  Dayviene Wolfe  Mary Jean Hammond 
Rick Neumann  Rose Honda Herman Tupa 
Bonnie Coss Mary & Bushaw Adam Wald 
  Amy Barta Draper  

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