Why Activities? Activity Professionals Week – January 18-24

This week, I’d like to thank our activities staff for their hard work, not only in designing enjoyable activities but also for their efforts in getting people to actually attend.  We find that people sometimes get in a slump and need more than a little encouragement to get out of their rooms, even for things that are really fun and beneficial.  Here, our activity director shares some thoughts:

Why Activities?

By Shelly Mack, Activity Director at St. Anne’s

carnival (1)

Activities are not meant to keep Shelly and Dawn (my assistant) busy.  Activities are for the residents.  There is nothing worse than someone just sitting and staring at the wall day after day, when we have activities every day.  We try to have a variety: spiritual, educational, games of skill, exercises (this is chair exercise meant for everyone but a real struggle to get people to attend.  Exercise is proven to help mobility and prevent falls.  Come Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m., and give it a try!)

Dice games are pretty popular. Also, we are very lucky to have in-house musicians like Sr. Elaine, Chuck Gust and Sr. Christina, plus a guest group of music volunteers.  And of course, there is the ever-popular bingo – this is fun and you get a small prize to boot!  So, here’s a word of advice: let the paint on the wall dry and come give activities a try!

Anyone interested in helping with activities or sharing their talent may call Shelly at (701) 746-9401.

4 Replies to “Why Activities? Activity Professionals Week – January 18-24”

  1. Shelly and Dawn are two INCREDIBLE people. They come to their job each day with a smile and determined to make the residents happy. They are never idle. Although I am not a resident I enjoy being in the activities room to see the smiles and hear the laughter of the residents. God has placed these two women at St. Anne’s for a purpose. Thank you Shelly & Dawn.

  2. Thank you Shelly and Dawn. While not a resident, at least not yet, I can see the continuous and hard efforts Shelly and Dawn put in to make time at St. Anne’s much more enjoyable. You are doing a great job ladies. God bless you and yours.

  3. I, too, wish to add my thanks to Shelly and Dawn. I have participated in some of their activities when I have been at St. Anne’s as a visitor. I have never experienced them as anything but welcoming, caring, and flexible as they interact with the residents and guests. It doesn’t take long to recognize that they both know the residents and provide for their individual needs which allows a variety of experiences to be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you, thank you–it is indeed a heartening experience to watch and share in all they do.

  4. I can not let this post get by without a comment, since it is extremely important to me. It is often the people’s opinion that “Activities” is just a matter of getting out a game or puzzle and announcing the time on our public address system. Many residents have different issues that might prohibit them from playing standard games or playing together (interacting). Shelly and those who work with her take time to consider activities that are not only physically and mentally GOOD for everyone, but take the time to give special attention to those who need it and instruction for those who may have never played (myself included). It has long been known that keeping the mind, body and spirit active lead to better health. It improves attitudes and chases away the blues.
    You will very rarely see our director or her staff sitting down. They will be busy helping others, getting ready for the next activity, planning the next month, serving snacks, decorating and a myriad of other things. Also, let’s not leave out the people who volunteer to help with activities when Shelly and Dawn are not here, like Sharyl, who takes time off during her laundry chores to read Bingo on Sunday. Sharyl is not alone. The staff here pitch in to help with parties, dances and other special events, along with their regular duties. A VERY WARM AND HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

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