Secular Franciscans

Secular Franciscans

Immaculate Heart of Mary Fraternity

Grand Forks, North Dakota

We, as Franciscans, follow in the footsteps of Francis,

to observe the Gospels through a life of prayer, penance, and service.

Gathering time:

2nd Sunday of each month (Sept.-June)

at 1:00 p.m.

Please confirm schedule before attending!


St. Anne’s Guest Home

524 N. 17th St.

Grand Forks, ND 58203


Kenneth Flanagan, OFS

Phone: (701) 215-0344

Email: [email protected]

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Our Fraternity is part of the Queen of Peace Region.

Our Mission:

The mission of this Fraternity is to cultivate the Franciscan spirit of peace, fidelity, and respect for life,

striving to make it a sign of a world already renewed in Christ.

We profess to follow Christ by observing His Holy Gospel.

Living in the spirit of St. Francis, we are committed to a life of prayer, penance, and service.

We will minister to the lonely, sick, and the discouraged among our own members and reach out to help the poor and hurting families in our community.

We unite in prayer for the restoration of the family, to respect and value all life, to foster human interaction and human development, and to extend this mission to the family of the world.

We currently have 13 members. As members of the Fraternity we are the second half of the Third Order of Franciscans.

The first or main part of the Third Order consists of individuals who consecrate their whole lives to live as Francis did by living in community through communal prayer.

We, the other part of the Third Order, profess our lives to live as Francis did and to live in the secular world as single or married individuals living as Francis did and preaching the Gospel by our example, using words only if necessary.

We have a special love and concern for poor people and the marginalized; those whose dignity is diminished by factors beyond their control or by negative personal factors they refuse to address.

Applicants are led through steps and are known as inquirers and candidates and then are professed.

The fraternity is a call from God and is not treated as a club to be joined.