The Personal Care Aide is responsible for the personal appearance of each resident, as assigned, and assures their hygiene needs are met.  The aide further strives to create a pleasing, home-like environment for the residents that are clean, sanitary, and comfortable.


Is responsible to the nurse supervisor and works as a staff team member in caring for the needs of each resident.



1.            Education:  High school

2.            Training/experience:  Previous experience in working with the elderly and disabled is preferred.

3.            Physical demands:

a)    Physical ability to lift, turns, and transfers a minimum of 50 pounds.

  1. Ability to tolerate standing or walking 75-85% of the time.
  2. Physical capabilities of stretching, pulling, bending, and stooping.
  3. Verbal and auditory abilities to communicate effectively with residents in responding to their needs.
  4. Emotional stability to handle stress of caring for the residents.
  5. Observation skills in responding to emotional, physical, and mental needs of the residents.
  6. Valid Driver’s license.


  1. Maintains strict confidentiality regarding residents’ personal life/activities and internal affairs of St. Annes.
  2. Uses patience, tact, and sensitivity in dealing with residents.
  3. Coordinates and supports efforts by administration and staff in meeting the resident’s needs.


  1. Responsible in assuring residents are neatly dressed, groomed, and hygienically acceptable by performing and or supervising: bathing, washing and fixing hair, cutting toenails, skin care, mouth care, clothes changing, arranging for mending.
  2. Reports physical, mental, and emotional change to the nurse.
  3. Implements resident care plans as they apply.
  4. Assist activity personnel in encouraging residents’ participation in activities.
  5. Inventories of residents and assists them during the adjustment period.
  6. Orientates new residents and assists them during the adjustment period.
  7. Assists in making beds (when necessary) and performs light housekeeping tasks as necessary.
  8. Instructs residents in safety rules and fire drill procedures.
  9. Uses tact, sensitivity, and firm kindness in dealing with residents and problems involving them.
  10. Assists residents in cleaning drawers, closets, and other personal areas.
  11. Attends care conferences.
  12. Attends staff meetings.
  13. Participate in assigned committee work.
  14. Performs those tasks that are necessary in fulfilling the performance of this assigned job but may not be considered essential functions.
  15. Observes safety rules and practices.
  16. Observes infection control policies and procedures.
  17. Attends required in-service education meetings.
  18. Reads Policy and Procedures manuals on an annual basis.
  19. Transport residents to/from appointments.