Thank you for the many kindnesses you showed my mom during her two year stay at St. Anne’s. 

You were all truly Christ-like toward her. 

Your Franciscan way of treating her and all of us family with a generous spirit

made for a strong sense that St. Anne’s was truly home.

I was impressed by the gentle and caring manner that everyone there shows to clients,

 staff and visitors alike.

 I will be happy to recommend your facility to those in need. 

~ Carol (daughter of former resident)

* * *

I love living at St. Anne’s!  The staff is friendly and cheerful.  

They do their jobs in a timely manner and have answered every request I have had.
Everyday activities include bingo and numerous other games,

exercise, current events and reading, movies and dances, craft projects,

 concerts and entertainment…The fun is unlimited!
We have both protestant & Catholic services in our beautiful Chapel.
Although I love to cook in my kitchenette, the planned meals are a satisfying option.  

We can enjoy eating with old friends or making new ones.
I’m new to North Dakota and have only lived here for a number of months,

 but one resident has lived with St. Anne’s for 52 years.  For me, that says it all!
Thank you, St. Anne’s, for welcoming me and making me feel very much at home.

~ Betty (resident)

* * *

Our mother was fortunate to spend her last years at St. Anne’s.

They treated her well and she told me she should have moved there much earlier.

Thanks to…all the people at St. Anne’s

for providing such a nice place for our loved ones.

~ Dave (son of former resident)

* * *

My heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful care and compassion 

you so consistently demonstrated for your residents.  

[We] will be forever thankful that our brother had the great good fortune 

to land in your outstretched arms.

Bob (brother)

* * *

Thank you for all you do to make [the residents’] lives happy and meaningful each day.

My brother…seems to be very happy living there and has told us how caring all the staff is. 

We are so thankful for the care and assistance with daily living you provide for [him]. 

We pray for everyone at St. Anne’s.  Thanks again. 

~ Anonymous (resident’s sister)

* * *

St. Anne’s Guest Home is a wonderful facility. We were so grateful to have it available for our mother.  

If not for St. Anne’s, we would have had to move our mother out of North Dakota, where she has lived her entire life.

Now she is always safe and well cared for. The staff and sisters are kind and considerate

 and she has activities and social opportunities. The chapel is truly a blessing, since her faith is important to her.

The facility is well-maintained and affordable. We are very grateful for St. Anne’s!

~ Yvonne (daughter)

* * *

I have volunteered in several areas and just love being at St Anne’s…

St. Anne’s is so warm and caring.

If you want a definition of love, kindness, friendliness, gentleness–go to St. Anne’s.

Just walk in the door and you’ll know what all those things mean.
If I ever need to move to a retirement home, St. Anne’s is where I’m going.

I won’t be lonely, alone, bored, or sad.

I’ll be loved and cared for and have lots of things to do.

God bless St Anne’s

~ Barb (Volunteer)

* * *

When I visit St. Anne’s I see: humility and an attitude of gratitude. I see
sacrifice.  I see the unseen guest – Christ – living and well…Yes, St. Anne’s is a community where
Christ dwells, dwells in the hearts of all there, and there at St. Anne’s – is love.

~ Kathy (friend/visitor)

* * *

In my estimation, St. Anne’s is a very high-quality place in which to live. 

The nursing staff are not only expertly trained in their field, but are very friendly and easy to get along with. 

The food here is very good and nutritionally balanced, and also very satisfying. 

The kitchen/dining room staff does a very good job of preparing meals and are indeed well-trained to do this. 

The activities department is very good; they are very friendly and easy to get along with

and they provide a lot of fun as well as therapeutic and helpful games.  They are to be highly commended

The floor staff are also very easy to get along with.  I also compliment our maintenance men.

~ Tom (resident)

* * *

…Mom enjoyed her years at St. Anne’s.  You all do a very good job. 

She especially was happy to be where she could go to daily Mass

and not have to worry about the weather to get there…

Again, thank you for everything you did for Mom over the years.

~ Kathy (daughter)

* * *

After [my sister’s] recent hospitalization and rehabilitation, I extend my sincere appreciation

for the follow-up and communication with various staff members…The communication I have had

 over the years with staff members has always been most helpful.

The personal comments shared could only come from a personal knowledge of [my sister],

which means [staff] have spent time with her and have built a loving, caring relationship with her.

For these reasons, I am more grateful than I can say.


Peg (sister)

* * *

I am a regular volunteer at St. Ann’s as well as attending Mass and Adoration there on a regular basis!

The atmosphere at St. Anne’s is one of love and respect for each resident.

The activity department provides numerous activities in which the residents can participate.

I have had many meals at St. Anne’s and they are always healthy and nutritious!

I am privileged to be able to be part of St. Anne’s Community!

Anonymous (volunteer)

* * *

 If you are a friend or family member
who would like to share your own testimonial with others,

 please let us know.