Inspection Time at St. Anne’s

P7140007.JPGDid you know that the word inspection comes from the early 17th century Latin inspicere or inspectare which means “looked into or examined”?

Residents here in our apartments experienced first hand the meaning of this word during a visit from Federal Government Housing and Urban Development (HUD) staff Wednesday morning.  During these periodic inspections, HUD checks for cleanliness and safety within the individual efficiency apartments, especially including electronic devices and ensuring there are no insects around.

The week prior to this infamous “looking into / examination,” inspection was definitely the buzz word around St. Anne’s, especially among apartment residents.  One would hear: “No, I can’t help with that; I’ve got to finish cleaning my room for the inspection.” or “Sorry I didn’t come down; I was putting the finishing touches on my room for Wednesday.”

Staff here have reflected that it is a good thing that we have inspections; it motivates residents to do a needed cleaning of their living quarters.  Cleaning that needs to be done is finally undertaken; procrastination is no longer an option.

St. Anne’s does conduct annual inspections, but this big one from HUD really has a way of impelling residents to roll up their sleeves and tidy up their apartments.

Although you do not have any government inspections to worry about, is there an area of your home that needs some “tidying”?