corn husking
Maybe we don’t look too enthused, but it’s really not a bad time!

Each year, the Jean Wald family plants a section of land especially for St. Anne’s. Then, in mid-August, they call or stop by and say “We’ll be bringing corn in on Monday.” We say, “Okay, we’ll be ready. Thank you!”

Thus begins “corn-party” time. We usually have at least two such parties each summer, during which residents and staff husk, de-silk, and bag large amounts of fresh corn. This year, we estimate that our first Wald corn party yielded 720 ears, about 60 lbs. of which we cut off the cob for easier storing and eating.

While we were doing this, a number of “corny” jokes were circulating between us. I will share a couple of the better ones, sparing you the ones that would only make you groan.

Why was the farmer famous?

            He was out-standing in his field.

Why was the farmer so mean?

            He took the ears right off the corn.

During the course of the husking, we also discussed possible alternative uses for the corn and its husks, including making moonshine and drying out the cobs for corn-cob pipes. Fortunately, the police do not need to be notified since none of these propositions materialized.

The Walds are bringing another truckload this coming Monday so the partying will continue. We very much appreciate their generosity.