An Old-Time Weather Forecast

IMG_0070.JPGHave you ever heard that the weather of the latter days of Holy Week is indicative of the rest of the year?

We’re not sure of the origin, but it seems that this has origins in German folklore.  Some of the Sisters here at St. Anne’s can remember hearing about this in years past.

The explanations are actually quite involved.

If the folklore is to be believed, the weather on Holy Thursday can be used to forecast the rest of the spring, that on Good Friday predicts the summer weather, Holy Saturday’s weather is indicative of the coming fall, and Easter Sunday is a sure forecast for the following winter.

And that’s not all…

If the temperatures are above normal on one of these given mornings, then that coming period (i.e., spring, summer) will be unseasonably warm.

The first part of a day in late Holy week corresponds to the first part of the season, if these legends are to be believed.

If it is windy, cloudy, sunny, or the like, the corresponding season can be expected to be likewise.

Have you ever heard any such legends or have any more to share?  Please let us know.