Spring has sprung with spring cleaning fun!

Little did I know on Friday, when I decided to scrub the floors, that it was National Cleaning Week.  Because many of the floors at our convent are waxed, I didn’t want to use my favorite vinegar-water, for fear of removing the polish.  Instead I used warm water with a splash of dish soap. I’ve learned that there are lots of different products one can use for the same thing, and just as many theories about which is better.  An article on Mother Nature Network provided an interesting, comprehensive breakdown of the various cleaning solutions.  I’d encourage you to visit that site, as it offers the pros and cons in a clear and helpful manner.

One of our volunteers at St. Anne’s, Kathy Lieberg, has more information to share.  She’s learned about home-made cleaning products, which she appreciates because you “can avoid harsh chemicals and save money.”  She finds that “they work wonderfully!”

Kathy shared with me a sampling of just some of the many homemade cleaners that can be made using ingredients you probably have on hand; I’d like to pass this information on to you.

“OxyClean Cleaner”
1 part baking soda
1 part peroxide
2 parts water

1 cup peroxide
a few drops of Dawn soap

Orange/Vinegar Cleaner
Fill a quart jar with orange peel.  Add white vinegar to top – let stand 2 weeks and drain into sprayer.  Save your orange peels in a bag in the freezer until you have enough to fill a quart jar.