The art of reading is alive and well at St. Anne’s…celebrating International Literacy Day

book-worm-clip-art-ace9Kanc4Today is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as International Literacy Day, highlighting the importance of literacy to individuals, communities, and societies alike, according to Wikipedia.

The ability to read is a great gift.  How many of us remember some of our childhood favorite story books?  Also, do you ever stop and think about how many times in the course of a day you rely upon your ability to read without even realizing it? From looking at the morning paper to tasks at work to reading instructions to make supper, the number of times we depend on our literacy is extensive.

At St. Anne’s we help foster this ability, and the use thereof, in several ways.  Both our basic care unit and our low-rent housing apartments have libraries which residents are welcome to use.  We also get two subscriptions to the Grand Forks Herald so residents are able to read the daily news both in our Activity Room and in our Atrium area.  For those who enjoy having literature read to them, we offer “Reading Hour” twice each week, reading from various volumes of fiction.

One further way St. Anne’s provides opportunities for people to utilize and benefit from their literacy is through our monthly newsletter, The Broadcaster.  This little publication also offers residents (who are on the committee) the chance to express themselves, take part in something, and have their names in print.  They have to exercise their capacity for reading to do research which they then include in their articles.

Today, as we mark this international observance, may we be grateful for the gift of reading and use it for good!