Are You Achin’ to do Some Bakin’?

001Some of us enjoy baking, while others avoid it at all costs.  At St. Anne’s, this harvest season has provided us with plentiful produce to use, donated from various sources.  From apples to zucchini, we have been blessed.

In this article, we’ll share some of the positive effects baking can have on a person as well as an idea (or excuse) for utilizing your baking skills.

According to, baking is actually good for your mental health for a number of reasons.  For one thing, it’s meditative, giving you time to think, reflect and ponder.  It also stimulates your senses, thus increasing “feel-good endorphins.”  This site also reminds us that “baking is creative” and creativity is good for a person. I (Sr. Christina) personally enjoy this aspect of baking.  Using what you have on hand to make tasty treats is fun.  I just made a zucchini cake for Sr. Rebecca’s birthday and was able to use up some stray ingredients we had around.

Another benefit of baking, mentioned by the above-mentioned site is that it makes others happy.  If I may return to the personal experience I just shared, the Sisters and visitors enjoyed the cake very much this morning.  (I must confess, I enjoyed a piece, too, complete with a little extra cream cheese frosting.)

Another article on the benefits of baking mentioned another aspect which I will confirm.  This is the fact of the benefit of working with one’s hands.  In our modern world, so much of what we do is with paper and electronics.  Actually “getting in there” and working with physical matter with your hands can have a soothing, therapeutic effect.

~ ~ ~

Now that I’ve shared all these benefits, may I ask “Are you achin’ to do some bakin’?”

If you are, I have an outlet for you.  St. Anne’s auxiliary is having its annual bake sale Saturday, October 24.  You’d be most welcome to enjoy the mental health benefits of baking and bring the tangible result (aka, a plate of cookies or bars) over for our sale Other options might be muffins, breads, jams or candies.

You might consider this a double-benefit, as it would help both you and us!  🙂

2 Replies to “Are You Achin’ to do Some Bakin’?”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the many benefits of baking. I go for the endorphin boost from the aroma of baking!

  2. You have the therapy angle right, Sister Christina. I had a neighbor in Charlotte, NC, who baked bread when she and her husband had an argument. She said the kneading of the dough kept her from wringing his neck. Of course, the neighbors knew when there was an argument by the smell of bread coming from her kitchen as well.
    It has also been proven that baking sells houses. Real estate agents often suggest getting a package of cookie dough and putting it in the oven just prior to a client appointment. The wonderful appealing aroma from the kitchen makes everyone relaxed and more open to seeing themselves as home owners.

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