Let it snow…Sharing memories of past winter wonderlands


This morning’s first [substantial] snowfall of the season had everyone talking here around St. Anne’s.

While this included a number of complaints, there is something about the first snowfall; it creates a special mood.

Below, we will share some memories of our residents and staff regarding the first snow fall, or of winter in general.  If you have any antidotes of your own that you’d like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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As a kid, I loved [the first snow]. You could have fun and play in it.    Jack

We would wear snow pants to school, but once we got there, we had to take them off because we had to wear dresses at school.    Patty F.

I can remember my dad calling upstairs to tell me “There’s no school” because of winter weather.  That was great.  It meant that we would either read, embroider or cut out lawn figures from plywood.   Sr. Elaine

We always heard that the angels were having a pillow fight when it snowed.    Sr. Christina

I used to make snow men and snow-mobiling and sleigh-riding. That was fun, too.    Norma

I remember when I was in third grade, the winter before the flood of ’97. There was so much snow we could sled right off our garage roof right into the snow.    Mandy

I remember the big storm of ’66. The snow came over the eaves trough on the house. My brothers shoveled a tunnel through this massive drift and we all went outside to play.    Paulla


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  1. As a child, I looked forward to the snowfall because it meant that Santa was not far behind. Consequently, there were lots of outdoor activities in the Dearborn snow. Michigan snowmen were the cutest (some people still had coal furnaces); sidewalks needed shoveled (especially for widowed or elderly neighbors-who you wouldn’t even think about asking for payment); sledding down the hills at Ford Field and skating on the public rink (one for hockey and one for figure skating). There was always a hot mug of tomato soup or cocoa waiting to warm your insides.

    As I grew up and went to work, habits changed. Extra time was needed before breakfast to shovel the driveway in order to get the car out of the garage. Then you grabbed a quick bite, changed into secretarial garb and hoped you made it out of the garage before the city snow plow came down the street and plowed you in again as it moved snow from somewhere else to the foot of your driveway.

    In spite of the weather, everyone seemed to be in a good mood – happy, cheerful and excited. After all, complaining about the weather won’t do you any good!

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