What happened to Your Shirt?

This past Sunday morning, the receptionist here at St. Anne’s noticed one of our female residents toddling by with her walker.  She saw that the lady had a white t-shirt on and took a closer look, startled to notice that it was her ‘St. Anne’s shirt’ from nearly four years prior.

The t-shirt, made in honor of our 60th anniversary of care in Grand Forks had seen one too many washings.  There was no longer a trace of its original light blue color – the background was now a crisp white, though the lettering was still intact.

After a discussion of the humorous happening between our activity director and our administrator, the decision was made that we should pursue ordering new shirts.


This would benefit those whose shirts have seen better days, due to so much use as well as any new residents who have come during the interim.

It is timely in that we are looking forward to next month’s annual celebration of St. Anne’s Week.  During this week, we always have fun with several dress-up theme days, one of which includes wearing our blue St. Anne’s shirts.

The shirt features our name and globe-shaped logo of “Peace…Love…Joy.”  It also includes the words “Over 60 years of loving care in Grand Forks.”  Encircling all of this are the names of various departments within our facility: Administration, Nursing, Personal Care, Maintenance, Activities, Chapel and Dietary.

We would like to open this opportunity up to all of you as well.  Anyone wishing to purchase a shirt should let us know prior to July 12th, at which time we will be placing the order.  The cost is $13.

You may email your desired shirt size and quantity to:  [email protected].

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  1. I have old shirts as well, too good to throw but well past their useful life. I am now trying to wear them out so I can move to a newer version.
    I am now out of the hospital and walking without pain. Perhaps we can come out to visit you during my recovery. Hope all goes well for you

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