St. Anne’s Gets Holistic Care Right!

By Amanda Nord, LPN

Cake Walk during St. Anne’s Week enhanced physical and mental health.

Holistic medicine is defined as the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors rather then just the physical symptoms of disease. How we live and what we get out of life depends heavily on balance. The philosophical definition of holistic is: the parts of something being interconnected and explicable only by referring to it as a whole (as in a whole person).

As a spiritual community, we all know that a crucial part of sustaining balance in our life goes beyond what we can touch.  Nourishing just the mind and body isn’t enough; we need to feed our souls as well.  Our spiritual health is important and needs to be addressed as part of our overall well-being.

St. Anne’s has a team that takes care of every part of the residents’ self:

Body: The Dietary department nurtures our body.  Nursing is responsible for addressing all medical concerns.  Care is given for our senses: hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch.  Staff work with outside souces such as Audiology, optometry, ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat), and PT to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Mind: Psych appointments as well as friendly conversation can lift someone’s mood and brighten their day.  St. Anne’s staff and sisters provide much “food” for the soul.  A beautiful outdoor area and atrium with life all around, the turtles, fish, as well as the flowers and plants growing everywhere enhances the residents’ lives.  Caring for plants and our environment is very helpful to make someone to feel complete.

Spirit: Chapel, church, activities , social events are also a part of holistic health.  Chuck and Sr. Elaine make sure there’s plenty of music.

Fresh air, sunshine, good friends, a little music, does more for the well-being than any pill ever could.  Sr. Christina  helps keep minds sharp with reading and writing.  We are encouraged to express ourselves, and we find a friendly face with a smile or listening ear.

St. Anne’s is probably the greatest place I’ve ever worked.  Walking in the door, you feel the easy, friendly atmosphere.  Sr. Elaine’s unique brand of humor, Sr. Rebecca’s unbelievable  kindness and selflessness and Sr. Christina’s news update and articles keep keep things very interesting.

The receptionist and dietary staff and the aides are all warm, kind, caring.  Some Creativity and silly, funny people in our daily lives contribute to the positive environment.  I feel very blessed to be a part of the St. Anne’s team and part of all of your community.