A Visit to the Heritage Center

By Shelly Mack, Activity Director

A group of residents made a trip to the East Grand Forks Heritage Center.  We were met by Teri Gust Hammerbak, Mr. Vanderpan and Marilyn Egeland and a people-mover so we could ride and see the center grounds.

Teri had keys for all the buildings, so we got to tour the general store, Granvillle Church, Sherlock Home and school house and a room cabin where nine children were raised.

We all had a great time and enjoyed coffee and pie from McDonald’s as our last stop.

Our next outing will be a visit to Marie Paulson’s daughter’s farm in October.

One Reply to “A Visit to the Heritage Center”

  1. St Annes offers a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their limitations. And, due to the enthusiasm and dedication of our activities director, Shelly, and her assistant, Paula, a great time is had by all!
    Residents who come to St Annes from other facilities sometimes need a special invite to participate. This is due to many of the other facilities having no activities at all or leaving it up to residents to create their own.
    Your game and craft donations are always welcome…because we wear them out!

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