Finishing Library Lovers Month at St. Anne’s

Article by Apartment Resident, Betty Canavan
It’s not to late.  February is National Library Lovers Month. There is a whole year left to celebrate.  Sometimes God leads us away from our phone, computer and TV to a quite time where we can be at peace.
Although it’s not large, there is a nice little library here at St Anne’s.  It is located across the hall from the activity room and contains an assortment of books for many varied interests.  I venture to say, everyone could find something they’d be interested in reading.  Another thing it provides is a quiet and peaceful place to read.
What you probably didn’t know is that this little library has several annexes!  The first is across the hall in the activity room, which is always bustling with enthusiasm.  There is a huge selection of current magazine subscriptions and a daily paper for all to read.
The second annex is in the atrium.  Another copy of the daily ‘Herald’ keeps us up to date on all the news that’s fit to print.  I think ‘The Grand Forks Herald’ is special.  Started in 1879, it’s the second largest newspaper in North Dakota.  It won a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 1997 when the Red River flooded, inundated the building and burned it to the ground.  The Herald never missed a day of print, setting up offices in UND and an elementary school and giving free papers to everyone affected by the flood.  The offices were rebuilt and a separate new print facility made it bigger and better than ever.
Since the atrium is such a relaxing place to congregate, knit or read, there is also a small bookshelf with magazines and paperbacks which residents peruse.
The North Wing sitting room is another quiet place for contemplation and has a wonderful variety of coffee table books.  But, take the elevator to the second floor, the doors open to the third annex near the laundry room.  A tall bookshelf filled with assorted books, periodicals and four upholstered chairs are there for your enjoyment.
Did you know about the fourth annex?  It’s in the Chapel at St Anne’s.  Over time, the Sisters have selected several books with religious instruction, prayers and Catholic information, hymns, etc., contributing to an inconspicuous but formidable collection at the back of Chapel.  Plus, just at the door are pamphlets, bookmarks and little icons on prayer cards.
What a blessing it is to have all these materials at our fingertips.  How wonderful to be able to read in a community setting or private space.  Needless to say, when the building was planned, enough space was not  set aside for a Library common.  As always, God had a better idea – spreading the library out, here and there, just as he spreads his love for us all.


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  1. Very nice article, Betty. It is a delight to read plus it is informative. Glad you took the time to write it.

    1. Forwarded the comment to Betty…thanks.

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