A “Capitol Fourth”

IMG_0740Please pardon our stealing of the expression (from the national program broadcast on PBS each year), but we’re having a “Capitol Fourth” here at St. Anne’s today.

The celebrations started with a beautiful 9 a.m. Mass in our chapel, with a good number of residents and visitors gathered.

After this and a morning snack, residents were invited to take part in a Bible study, with singing and scripture reading, based off last Sunday’s readings.

If the weather is cool enough and people are interested, we’ll take a little walk after lunch.

At 2:30 p.m., we’re looking forward to a “Patriotic Name-That-Tune & Sing Along” with Sr. Christina providing piano music on the keyboard.

We’ll be serving patriotic cookies (red, white, and blue) for afternoon snacks.

This evening, our residents can enjoy the broadcast of “A Capitol Fourth” on our big TV.

To top it all off, Sr. Elaine is taking a few more mobile residents to the fireworks display by the river.  Sr. Christina will accompany others to the third floor of our building to enjoy the display (there is a lounge with windows there.).

We hope you have “a Capitol Fourth,” too!