Chocolate Stars @ St. Anne’s

St. Nicholas brought, among other things, a bag of “chocolate stars” to Sr. Christina last Tuesday night.

Rather than let them “go to waist,” she decided to make some cookies with our ladies as a “therapeutic baking” project Saturday morning.

20914533_10211463549918135_8869111455869622302_nAfter searching for just the right recipe to correspond with the ingredients we had available and the amount of chocolates to be used, one was selected, residents interested in baking were gathered, and the measuring and mixing began.

It came to be time for lunch, however, and the domestic undertaking had to be relinquished temporarily, with a promise to resume around 12:30 p.m.

When the time came to roll out the cookies, there was a minor obstacle: all the sugar on hand in the activities kitchen had been used in the dough.  The container had not yet been refilled in the main kitchen, and more sugar was needed for coating the cookies before placing them on the sheets.

A trip was made to the main kitchen, however, and the cookie factory could resume operations.

In accord with the recipe, the cookies were baked for 10 minutes, then pulled out and inserted with one chocolate star each before going back into the oven for a few more minutes.

One of the other residents, who was watching TV in the adjoining activity room kept commenting on how good the cookies smelled and asking when they would be served.

IMG_0937Sr. Christina finally gave in and handed him one early, before snack time.  (By the time snacks were being served after reading hour, he was ready for another one.)

* * *

Whether or not you have chocolate stars on hand which you don’t want to have “go to waist,” you might consider this recipe for an attractive holiday treat: