There’s More than One Way to…Get Ice Melt!

P2150002.JPGAs North Dakotans, dealing with ice and snow is part of our lives between November and March (if not beyond).  Using ice melt is one way we have come to make traveling less treacherous and our parking lots and sidewalks safer.

At St. Anne’s we fully realize this, having many visitors, staff, and even residents whom we want to keep safe.

Last week, as promised, one of our board members brought in some ice melt for us to try out.  One of our maintenance men gave it a try and was pleased with the results, so much so that he is looking at buying more.

There are many different kinds of ice melt, but this particular recipe includes sugar beet juice and is supposed to be effective in temperatures well below zero.

There are even recipes for home-made ice melt.  A Google search will provide you with countless options.

One of the simplest of these is a three-ingredient potion which uses 1/2 gallon of warm water, six drops of dish soap, and two ounces of rubbing alcohol.

One online source suggests any of the following: salt, soy sauce, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, bleach, windshield washer fluid, fertilizer and even Vodka.

Other suggestions include: lukewarm water, Kool-Aid and soft drinks, vinegar, pickle brine cheese brine, sugar, table salt, and even a warm object.

While the safest option is just to stay inside when it’s icy, that’s not always a realistic or preferable option.

You may wish to try some of the above to make your walkways safer in the winter.

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