Healthy Humor

free-laughing-clipart-laughter-clipart-490_508We did have an article about laughter here a couple of years ago, but as winter drags on, we all could stand a little more sunshine in our lives.

At St. Anne’s, humor has a very important place in our lives.  From ‘Joke of the Day’ to playful teasing, humor works its way in to many facets of our comings and goings.

We even have a way of finding humor in the challenges we face.  Mistakes can be brought up later in a humorous manner as we tease each other about mishaps, perhaps using a song that correlates to an event.

Humor is healthy!  It can be good for you, both mentally and physically.

Laughter has been found to help release endorphins which can help alleviate pain, improve your emotions, and reduce stress. It even increases levels of cortisol and adrenaline.  Laughter can even be good for your heart, lessening stress hormone levels and artery inflammation as well as reducing blood presure.  It can also increase your ‘good cholesterol (HDL) levels and boost your immune system.

Laughter and humor can help dissolve negative emotions and help you relax.  Humor can also give you a new perspective on things and make you more hopeful.

Taking time for humor gives your brain a bit of a break, even during waking hours. It can give you energy and foster positive relationships with others.

So, during these bleak February days, do yourself a favor; take a moment or two to enjoy a joke, a funny story, or another opportunity for humor that may arise.  Opportunities for humor surround us every day.