Pleasurable Plum Planting Procedures

Last September, we received a good amount of little plums from Sr. Rebecca’s niece.  

Sr. Christina and a few of our residents pitted them to be used in some tasty plum jam.  Several of the plums were saved for an experiment and buried in our raised garden over the winter.

Plums, like other pitted produce, are supposed to go through a cold period, called stratification, prior to sprouting.

This past Wednesday, when the garden was tilled, several little seedlings were found and carefully removed.

After being stored temporarily in some water (to give them a good drink and provide a place until soil and containers could be found), they finally found a new home in some pots in our atrium.

Once they get bigger and the weather gets nicer, we will have to think about a place in the yard where we would like to have plum trees.

If anyone would like a little plum tree, we may be able to part with a seedling.