“…A Time to Plant…”

Originally posted on “Our Franciscan Fiat.”

Last September, some residents and I pitted many small plums from Sr. Rebecca’s nieces trees in rural western Minnesota.

Some of you may further have heard of my little experiment, planting some of the pits in our raised garden over the winter and finding them sprouted in the spring.  (I thought it would be fun for our residents to watch.)

From there, they’ve journeyed to pots, where they remained to this day.

However, early fall is a good time for planting trees, and with rains expected this afternoon, this morning was a perfect time to plant them.

Thanks to our maintenance man, Jasen, these four little trees are now snugly tucked into the ground for the winter.  (I helped a little bit, but he did most of the work, including plotting out their location.)

After all the T.L.C. I’ve given them the past several months, I hope they survive a North Dakota winter.  We’ll see. ?

Sr. Christina Neumann

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  1. I, too, hope they survive and do well next spring. It’ll be so nice to have your own plums in a few years. You do such nice things with the residents. I’ve been telling people that I’ll be at St. Anne’s if I need to go to a guest house. I love it there and know people must feel so good being there.

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