A Weather Statement has Been Issued for…….

 by Betty Canavan

A special weather statement was issued today
Twenty-seven degrees with snow on the way,
Twenty-seven degrees – but, feels more like nine
I’m not here to criticize, complain or to whine.

Hours of snow followed by strong prairie wind
Hours and hours, then coming to an end,
A wind for eight hours that lasts until light
Big city snowplows out working all night.

In twenty-four hours, once again the sun shines
Bringing new hope to your days and mine,
Children will be laughing and playing in the snow
Adults will be shoveling and their cheeks will glow.

And, since we’re adaptable to this new white stuff
We’ll bundle ourselves and not get in a huff,
For there’s plenty to do, maybe get out the skis
Or ice skates, snowmobile, sled – if you please.

Make a snow angel or maybe snowman
Perhaps make an igloo – if you really can,
Go snow fishing, learn to walk in snow shoes
With a snowball fight, there is nothing to loose.

And, when it’s all over and you turn the heat on
You pull off your clothes and find the stress gone,
With a bowl of hot soup, cocoa or hot tea
You’ll find that bad weather just brought you glee!

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  1. Very nice, Betty! I like to write poems too! My mom was a master at it and I enjoy trying my hand at writing verse once in a while. Miss all of you at St. Anne’s and wish you all a very merry and blessed Christmas! Cathy Adams

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