One Dedicated Dog!!!

You may know someone who is an avid recycler, and maybe, you are one yourself. It’s good to look out for the environment, right?

Probably, though, you’ve never met one as dedicated to the cause as our dog Zoe is!

She loves to lick out the tins from chicken pot pies and the foil from tuna melts, preparing them to go into the recycling basket.

Watching Zoe, as she chases the item around the room also provides us with comic relief after a busy day. She works it vigorously with her tongue to get off the savory morsels, often making her way into a corner.

Too bad more people in our society aren’t interested in investing a little effort, like Zoe does, into protecting our environment, and caring for this world that’s entrusted to us!

One Reply to “One Dedicated Dog!!!”

  1. That is very cute, I have a Jack Russell terrier, strangely named Jackson, who does the same thing. Sometimes he will push it under the couch or something that he can’t get to it, so he will come up to me and bark so I can get it out for him. You just gotta love Dogs.

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