It’s St. Anne’s Week, and We’re Having a Ball!

As we honor our patron saint (whose feast day is on Friday) and celebrate our Home, residents and staff alike are enjoying dressing up in themed apparel. Each day’s activities, too, correlate with the theme of the day.

So far, we’ve had “Dress Up Day,” “Sports Day,” and “Western Day.”

“Colorful Sock Day,” “Hat Day,” “Wear Your St. Anne’s Shirt Day,” and “Patriotic Day” are yet to come!

3 Replies to “It’s St. Anne’s Week, and We’re Having a Ball!”

  1. You’ve got some tough hombres in those photos, Sister Christina. I imagine they’ll be on the “Wanted” board at the post office next! Ha, ha.
    It’s easy to see that you’re having a good number of residents participate. They must be enjoying themselves.

  2. Looks like you are all having a great time, I am so happy to see that. I miss all of you and adoration, god bless you all and I hope to get back to G F soon and stop and say hi to all of you and Jesus in the blessed sacrament.

  3. Looks like everyone is having fun dressing up. I’ve been dressing up too. “Yall” just don’t see me because I’m at the GF Senior Center


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