Anosmia Awareness – What you never knew about your sense of smell!

In case you missed the article in our BROADCASTER, we’ll share it here.

Since February is a month for Anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) Awareness, we are sharing an article with some fascinating facts about this often overlooked sense of ours.  Did you know that we can pick ohttp:// three trillion different scents (that’s TWELVE zeros!)?  Another interesting tidbit is that you get new scent cells about every one to two months.  

Just like one’s set of finger prints, each person has a distinct scent.  It has also been demonstrated that people can remember scents much better than things they see.  Smell gives about 80% of the flavor to food, so when your nose is plugged, foods won’t taste as good. 

Now, this one will really blow your mind: through peoples sweat, you can pick up emotions of fear and disgust, according to a 2012 psychological study.  There are very strong ties between smell and feelings.  Women have been shown to have a better sense of smell than men.  One’s ability to smell can also change with the seasons and time of day, being stronger in the evening as well as during the spring and summer.  One’s sense of smell is also strongest in the late teenage years.  It has actually been noted that babies have a sense of smell before they are even born!