All in All…

By: Kathy Lieberg, Volunteer & Franciscan Associate

St. Anne Statue (2)

When I go to St. Anne’s and enter the door
I know that my time there will not be a bore.

The residents will greet me with a smile
so I take off my coat and stay for awhile.

There’s Brian, who always offers a hug
then, there’s Sr. Christina – as cute as a bug.

I walk to the Chapel and get ready for Mass
then, on Tuesdays, at 10 there’s Bible study class.

Some days I hang out with the card playing bunch
then join the sisters for a tasty lunch.

All in all, I have to say
going to St. Anne’s makes my day!

One Reply to “All in All…”

  1. When I visit St. Anne’s I see: humility and an attitude of gratitude. I see sacrifice. I see the unseen guest – Christ – living and well. I see love. I see imperfection. Imperfection, yet how through the imperfections and
    weaknesses there is care, concern, love, and He uses it all. Visiting St. Anne’s causes me to have an attitude of gratitude, much like what I see in the sisters there – much like I see in the humble people at St. Anne’s as they pass by the desk on their way – on their way to the nurse, to meals, to activities, to chapel, on their way… yes St. Anne’s is a community where Christ dwells, dwells in the hearts of all there, and there at St. Anne’s – is love.

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