Today is National Poetry Break Day.

I’d like to share a poem I wrote in honor of today’s observance.

This day is set as “Poetry Break Day,” and that is nation-wide,
Whether in North Dakota, or Hawaii you abide.
Today’s a day to take a break and enjoy this form of writ,
Or why not try and compose a poem, if you’ve got the grit!

A poem can be a special way to tell some one you care,
Why not jot one down when you’ve got time to spare?
Reading poetry can surely be a way you can relax –
Wouldn’t you rather read a poem than file income tax?

Here at St. Anne’s, I wonder if folks will take the time
to stop their daily goings-on to enjoy a rhyme.

One Reply to “Today is National Poetry Break Day.”

  1. This is ‘for-sure’ a great idea
    No matter how happy or sad you feel
    A poem can be an exceptional way
    To brighten up a dreary day.

    So, take a minute…you can do it!
    All you have to do is get to it
    You can make it short or long
    Even put the words to song.

    Write about your pet or the weather
    Write about times your family is together
    Write about a delicious meal
    A funny poem can make you squeal.

    Your poem needn’t be refined
    One exists within your mind
    At the end of your pursuit
    Someone will remark, “For Cute!”

    (Well, now, you have my fond reply,
    And, I will close with just “Goodbye”.)

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