Checking in…on ‘the Scoop’

St. Anne's ScoopI would like to take this opportunity to check in with the readers of our ‘St. Anne’s Scoop.’

Would you please share your thoughts?  What kind of posts do you most enjoy?  What do you think about the frequency of it?  Do you have any suggestions?

Also, if you would ever have a topic of pertinence that you would be interested in writing about for publication on ‘the Scoop,’ please let us know.

Thanks, and happy reading!

3 Replies to “Checking in…on ‘the Scoop’”

  1. Sister Christina, I liked the article about the resident that passed away during the night. You may well have been the last person to say anything to them. It was nice the contact was made. We don’t know how much time we may have but it would be a shame to regret for a lifetime, something that should have been said or done. On a more personal note I was attending a basketball for a grandsons. It turned out the game was within blocks of my last living uncle. I thought it would be a shame not to stop by for a short visit after the game. I did stop and we probably spoke for an hour or better. Bern was sharp as ever and if you didn’t know better you would not have known he was just short of his 98th birthday. He died a week and a half later. I will always have that last visit for remembering him.

  2. Hi, I enjoy all the articles but for me, the articles about everyday stuff really provides me with reflection on my life Why? Because a person needs to look, act, and reflect on their daily actions. When I read these articles, I realize that doing simple things to others can provide comfort and happiness. Thank you again

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