Garden-Fresh Potatoes and Cucumbers, Oh My!

Residents’ Garden at St. Anne’s

Harvest season has begun, and St. Anne’s is reaping the benefits!

We have received some delicious home-grown beets in recent weeks from Fr. Schneider who comes here Thursdays and Fridays..  This week, he brought us more garden delights: fresh potatoes and cucumbers.

Last year was the season for string beans.  We received many donations of them that harvest season.

If things go as usual, we will probably receive quite a bit more delicious, nutritious produce before frost, including sweet corn that we enjoy then throughout the year.

Even though our little resident garden hasn’t produced too much, we should be well supplied with fresh veggies.

Thank you so much to everyone who shares their bounty with us.  It is appreciated!

PS: As this article is being written, another large donation of rhubarb is being brought in.

2 Replies to “Garden-Fresh Potatoes and Cucumbers, Oh My!”

  1. Please don’t call me thankless but I’ve seen enough rhubarb for at least a couple days and my hand is a little cramped.
    On the other hand, Isn’t it wonderful to live in a community where your neighbors gladly share their garden bounty ?

  2. I love the harvesting time of year! It reminds me of how gracious and Merciful God is. Our Father is so rich and I need to have a heart of “thanks” and “giving”. Then I remember too, how He loves me…

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