Greek Yogurt – Not Too Bad

Enjoy some “food for thought” from Sr. Elaine!

greek-yogurt-2-webFrom time to time Sister Ann Marie, our Provincial Superior, comes to visit us.  She brings along Greek Yogurt to eat as her breakfast, adding lots of granola.  So when she planned on coming this last time I thought I would be hospitable and have some on hand for her.  Of course, I got the flavored version.  She brings the plain.

Just what is this Greek Yogurt?  There is French toast, Italian spaghetti, American apple pie, English muffin, French onion soup.  Why not Greek yogurt?  So as to appreciate this supposed delicacy I drove over to Hugo’s Grocery store to read the labels.

First of all, where in Greece is it made?  So I looked on the label – guess where?  No, not in Greece!  The flavored is manufactured for distribution in Lake Success, New York, and the plain in White Plains, New York.  It’s like that advertisement for salsa – “New York City”!

The label states it is an excellent source of calcium.  So, I looked up calcium in Webster’s book and it stated:  “Calcium:  a silvery, moderately hard metallic element that constitutes approximately 3% of the earth’s crust and is a basic component of most animals and plants.”

We want this in us?  I have also heard that calcium is good for our bones and teeth.  OK then.

The label also states yogurt has 7 live and active cultures.  Good grief! Where in us do they live?

In capital letters the label asserts Greek Yogurt is “PROBIOTIC”!  What in the wide world of sports is “Probiotic”?  Even Webster’s brand new 2 ½ inch dictionary did not have that word.  But, Google did.  Yes, it seems needed to aide one’s intestinal fortitude.

Too, the label sings Greek Yogurt praises stating, “Indulge – full bodied rich and creamy texture with every spoonful”, “Perfect as an alternative to sweet or sour cream, exceptionally delicious with smoothies”.  But – the clincher came when it declared, “Perfect as an alternative to ice cream”.  Do I ever beg to differ with that!!!  Nothing can take the place of ice cream!  Nothing!  In my opinion, not even American Greek Yogurt!

When Sister Ann Marie went back to our Provincial House she did not take the left over Greek Yogurt with her.  Consequently, I had fun trying different homemade flavors with her plain Greek Yogurt.  Try bananas, strawberries, blue berries.  Don’t have any?  Strawberry ice cream topping works.  Even caramel ice cream topping.  I figure since the caramel topping stands right beside the strawberry topping in the refrigerator it, through the process of osmosis, becomes fruity.  I did not try hot fudge yet.  But, I will.  Then add your granola and even a little French vanilla coffee creamer, and have a wonderful festive breakfast, and a great Greek day!

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3 Replies to “Greek Yogurt – Not Too Bad”

  1. Loved seeing this story because I love Greek yogurt. If I’m not mistaken, the process to make regular yogurt into Greek is to extract more water, making the Greek version thicker and creamier.

    And, for everyone’s information, the probiotics help whether you are constipated or have diarrhea – a real miracle! It’s not an instant cure, it needs daily management.

    One of my favorite flavors is adding a little honey plus some slivered almonds. Two more foods with tons of healthy benefits.

  2. Ah, Professor! I thoroughly enjoyed your witty and informative Post. You are a ” genuine professor “. Yes, maybe only the Maestro recognizes this truth.:)

  3. ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING! I may have to go get some Greek Yogurt today. 🙂

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