Exciting News from St. Anne’s!

This week, the Board of Directors approved a new logo for St. Anne’s.  It is an exciting step for our facility which has been providing a caring home for elderly and disabled individuals for 75 years now.

The move to adopt a new logo was begun earlier this fall, in efforts to have a more contemporary design that incorporated the facility’s name and enhanced recognition.  The new logo also incorporates important symbolism, sharing core values of St. Anne’s.

The roof image at the top illustrates the home-like environment St. Anne’s provides.  The ‘t’ made into a cross points to our Christ-centered service of those in need.  The butterflies convey hope and new life.  The phrase “Living Center” describes the nature of our facility, especially to those unfamiliar with our mission.  It serves as an umbrella term to encompass both wings of the Home: St. Anne’s Guest Home (Basic Care Unit) and St. Anne’s Housing for the Elderly (HUD Apartments).  This name had been adopted a couple of years ago as a more descriptive title for the facility.

The new logo will be utilized across various platforms and media.  We are even getting new masks and jackets featuring the new logo!

Since the mid-1940s, St. Anne’s has been offering a caring home for those in need in eastern North Dakota.  It At that time, a home was opened in Fargo, serving homeless men who had been accustom to “riding the rails” from place to place, but whose health no longer allowed them to maintain this lifestyle. 

In the early years, the Sisters served twelve such men, whom they named their “twelve apostles.”  The home was called “St. Anne’s Guest Home,” as the men there were looked after with dignity and respect and treated as guests. 

The home eventually moved to Grand Forks, utilizing the former St. Michael’s Hospital.  By the early 1980s, when that building was no longer up to fire codes, the Sisters moved once again, this time to the current location, which had previously been the convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph serving in area schools. 

St. Anne’s continues to serve elderly and disabled individuals from various backgrounds.  Nursing, housekeeping, laundry, and personal care services are provided as well as various activities.  St. Anne’s also has a chapel with spiritual opportunities. 

Our mission at St. Anne’s is to provide a safe, caring, and family-like home for our residents. Inspired by St. Francis, we strive to serve each person who comes to us as we would Christ. We welcome those who come to us from various backgrounds, treating them with love and dignity while providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.