ST. ANNE’S DAY Matching Gift Challenge

Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s event, and the ongoing financial resources necessary to offer a caring home for the elderly and disabled, we have decided to hold this event again in 2023. 

Each summer, we celebrate our patron saint, St. Anne, with a week of festivities around her feast day.  Through this matching gift campaign, donors can have their gift matched by a local company as long as it is given (or check dated) on St. Anne’s Day (July 26th).  

In these months leading up to the challenge, we are collecting pledges of donations from local companies/organizations.  We want to have everything in place well in advance, and know how much money is available in matching funds.  

To make a pledge for your company/organization, please complete the form below. 

This project gives our donors a chance to “double their dollars.”  Funds received will help us as we provide a caring home for our residents.  

About St. Anne’s:
St. Anne’s has been providing a safe, caring living environment for vulnerable adults since the mid 1940s. 

Our residents come to us because they are not able to lead healthy lives on their own.  Due to any number of reasons, physical and/or mental, they cannot properly care for themselves.  Alone, they would face various problems, suffering from isolation, poor nutrition, improper medication administration, poor hygiene or other problems.  They face a variety of health challenges, such as diabetes.  

We strive to create a homelike atmosphere, become “family” to many people who have little contact with their biological families. 

We provide nursing, housekeeping, laundry, and personal care services.  We have an excellent activity program, offering the socialization that is so vital to our residents’ well-being.  Along with table games, musical entertainment, and countless other activities, our staff also take residents out into the community.  We offer shopping trips, and also take groups out to eat frequently.  In the past, residents who were able were also given the opportunity to enjoy events in the community, such as high school plays and sporting events.  We provide transportation for them to and from medical appointments.

Thank you so much for helping us continue our service to our residents!