Exciting Things are Happening Outside at St. Anne’s!

basketball hoopWith a growing number of “younger” residents, we’ve felt the need to create opportunities for outdoor activities here at St. Anne’s.  We’ve been talking about it since last fall, but we finally got a basketball hoop ordered.  It should be here by the middle of next week.  

We are converting our west patio, which had our raised garden beds and is used by our smokers, into an outdoor game center.  Along with the basketball setup, we’ll have horseshoes and other games available.  We’re excited to have this for our more active residents. 

Perhaps, those who aren’t as agile anymore will also come out and enjoy being spectators.  This is truly opening up so many new opportunities for us here at St. Anne’s!

I big thank you goes out to Jasen in maintenance for all his work in planning this and making it happen! 

He has also been busy creating a new garden space on the east side of the building for our raised garden beds.  He spent a lot of time this past week transferring the garden boxes to their new location.  He also put up an attractive fence around the space.  We’re excited to get things planted and start watching them grow! (Since these pictures were taken, he also added for post for tomatoes.)